Looking forward to the conventions? We’ll be bringing you plenty of material over the next two weeks, beginning with this roundup of the headlines:

  • How much faith can Democrats cram into one convention?  The answer may surprise you.  [Associated Press]
  • Apparently one evangelical didn’t get the memo that there will be television cameras at the DNCC. [Associated Press]
  • It only took a few hours for communion to become a political weapon after Obama chooses a Catholic running mate. [Washington Post]
  • Somewhere in Tennessee, John Scopes is rolling over in his grave.  [New York Times]
  • Faith-based charity credits “Jesus factor” in curing addictions.  Is that like the X-factor? [Louisville Courier-Journal]
  • Headline of the day: “When religion and healthcare collide” (they go kablooey). [Los Angeles Times]

Religion and politics news, your cure for a case of the Mondays, brought to you by the Interfaith Alliance.

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