Earlier this week, ABC News reported that Trijicon a private manufacturer of military hardware had included references to Biblical verses on telescopic lens that attach to military rifles. Outrage followed and rightfully so.  Host Welton Gaddy issued a statement on the report, saying:

Obviously, Trijicon, the defense contractor, knew they were doing something wrong and trying to get away with it or they would not have encoded messages that, when used appropriately, need no disguise.  The company should be ashamed of its actions, which do no favor either to the United States military or to Christianity; just the opposite.  Messages of life and peace should not be prostituted by placing their imprint on instruments designed for death and war.

Rev Gaddy followed up on those comments with a letter to President Barack Obama asking for further investigation into the larger question of religious proselytization in the US military.

ABC News now reports that Trijicon will no longer include these Biblical codes on their equipment. Additionally, the company will provide clients with the means to remove the existing codes from sights that are already in use.

Tune in the weekend to State of Belief to hear reaction to this story from advocate Mikey Weinstein, head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

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  • gayle downey

    When did scripture become secret codes? Perhaps Gaddy himself has secrets. Perhaps he’s causing an immense spotlight on himself, in order to blind people of his real hidden agenda. Maybe it has something to do with the direction in which the Interfaith Alliance organization is moving. As a Southern Baptist, I believe the Rev.Gaddy has been ‘on top’ so long, he’s forgotten what it really means to be a Christian. Afterall, Christianity is NOT about ‘religion’, but rather a relationship with Jesus Christ. Rev. Gaddy has truly ‘lost his Way’.

  • sondra

    Shame on you Gaddy . What right do you have to judge what Trijicon did with their sights. They were following their beliefs doing more for the U.S. military than you could ever do. You have neither the intellect the ba__s, nor the spiritual integrity for something this extraordinary so shut the f— up you 0. You are the one prostituting yourself taking this to another level by writting a letter to Obama to keep your limp-wristed name out there. Do you believe in Jesus Gaddy?

  • John Sorensen

    “…knew they were doing something wrong and trying to get away with it or they would not have encoded messages…”

    Mr. Gaddy, you are wrong. Those aren’t encoded messages, they’re open for all to read. If you think this isn’t a religious war, you’re wearing the wrong armor.

  • Michael Cosgrove

    Mr. Gaddy, you have aligned your organization with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Al Jazeera news service. Great job. Speaking of Bible verses, remember this one – John 14:6. Keep it in your heart always so you won’t lose your way.

  • Roy Hoch

    Thank you so much, Mr. Gaddy for speaking out. It is rank hypocrisy to “baptize,” with Biblical quotations, the firing of a weapon that’s intended to kill people. To say that our military mission is a mission from God is saying the same thing that the terrorists believe about their mission. A follower of Jesus “follows” Him by laying down his life, non violentl,y just as Jesus did, rather than take the lives of those who wish to kill him. Do Christians ever read the Sermon on the Mount with seriousness? Where in the New Testament is there shred of evidence to justify killing in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace?

  • Pat Williams

    There is more than a little truth to the verbal slip President Bush made when he first referred to a “crusade.” There has been another agenda by a segment of our right wing Christian citizenry. Making war in the name of and for the sake of religion, Christianity or otherwise, has never, lo these many centuries, had a good outcome. Here our government is, trying to help build and train peacekeeping forces in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we can finally leave. Supplying a Muslim military with equipment imprinted with Christian biblical references undercuts what our nation is trying to do.

  • David Johnson

    I find that some folks are just plain deprived of common sense. When it comes to muslim vs christianity it is the folks who have declared “Jihad” that orders them to kill any and all infidels and there bye secure a place in the afterlife. Infidel is described as anyone who does not believe as a muslim . To put it plain if your not a muslim your a target. Check your history to see about holy wars. From the time of the druids to our own christian fortold Armegeddon the holy war has been at some place in the world’ The idiots that want to let god defend them have a right to do so. I however will not stand by and watch some one kill my loved ones or anyone for that matter. Ill take the chance that God will forgive my taking a life to protect anothers from undue harm. Think about it. I might even save your life or that of your childrens or is it ok with you that someone snuffs them out before your very eyes?

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