News out of California late yesterday had us dusting off an intersection award for the state’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Religion News Service reports that Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill intended to promote understanding of the Sikh religion.  Known informally as the “kirpan bill,” the legislation would have required all state police officers to receive training in the kirpan, a small dagger which Sikhs carry on their body.  The kirpan is one of 5 articles of faith worn by followers of this religion. Despite the fact that the bill passed both houses of legislation, Schwarzenegger still deemed it “unecessary”.  It’s an unfortunate lack of religious understanding on the governor’s part – especially in a state that boasts the country’s largest Sikh population.

Want to learn more? Listen back to Welton’s conversation with Rajbir Singh Datta, the National Director of SALDEF – Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

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