Thanks to the FreindlyAtheist blog for pointing our attention to a recent post by David Hume at Secular Right.  Hume looks ahead to the 2012 presidential election (pre-maturely he admits) and sees a common theme among some top runners for the GOP nomination: a belief in creationism.  Yes, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Tim Palwenty all freely admit to believing in creationism over evolution. So come 2012 could America elect a creationist-in-chief? Here’s hoping the Republican party can wiggle free from the hold of the Christian Right some time in the next four years, soon enough to come up with a candidate who, I don’t know, believes in science?

Also, FriendlyAtheist reminds us not to forget about Louisiana.  Governor Bobby Jindal’s name has been mentioned on a GOP short list and he is also a creationist.

Perhaps Kurt Cameron will be called in to do campaign spots.

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