Everything Old is New Again?  Welton talks to Religion News Service Editor Kevin Eckstrom about RNS’ year-end roundup of the top religion news stories of 2010.  Kevin published a list that highlighted how a number of the themes that gained prominence in this past year had already made headlines up to a decade ago – and the possible reasons why this is happening.  Kevin and Welton also speculate as to the potential lasting impact of faith being used as a campaign issue in the recent elections, and look ahead to themes they think will play a role in defining the intersection of religion and politics in 2011.
The Religion News Story year-end roundup was posted to the Huffington Post at:

Also on this week’s show, Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of New York and Chair of the denomination’s Global Justice Ministries.  Welton and Pat talk about the church’s outreach into LGBT communities at risk from local government policy in countries such as Pakistan and Uganda, and the added dangers when members of those communities are also participants in minority faith communities.

This month, MCC is launching its Global Justice Institute, a new nonprofit geared towards raising awareness of these issues in the US, supporting such communities overseas, and helping train participants in this work for the future.
More information on MCC Global Justice is available at:

Finally, Welton shares some personal thoughts on Christmas in 2010, and similarities he sees between today and the first Christmas.  He also suggests some ways to observe the spirit of this holiday not just at the end of December, but every day.


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