This weekend on State of Belief Radio, hear the stories of people deeply involved in three often politicized, contemporary issues: marriage equality, libertarianism and global climate change. We’ll explore how each of these issues define who we are morally and spiritually and learn about the implications these rapid shifts portend for religion, government and politics. Download Icon

New Jersey Passes Marriage Equality
Last month, New Jersey began allowing same-sex marriages, becoming the fourteenth state to do so. Although the 2016-minded Gov. Chris Christie remains opposed to the measure, New Jersey’s adoption of marriage equality represents the growth of nationwide approval for it, even in religious communities. Meredith Greenberg, the cantor at a leading New Jersey synagogue and an openly gay woman who recently married her long-time partner under the new law, is on State of Belief to discuss the significance of marriage equality for her own family, how her relationship nurtures her ministry, and what she sees as necessary next steps.

The Rising Tide of Libertarianism
The Public Religion Research Institute recently released its annual American Values Survey, which found that today over 20 percent of Americans can be categorized as either libertarian or libertarian-leaning. What does this growing anti-government electorate mean for American government and politics? And what demographic group was found to comprise 0.0% libertarians? Dr. Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI, is on the program to discuss the study’s findings and the impact that the rising tide of libertarianism is having on the entrenched two-party system.

The New Evangelicals: Environmentalists in the Congregation
Although the so-called “religious right” conventionally aligns with big business on the issue of global climate change and humans’ contribution to it, a growing number of evangelicals – the “New Evangelical” movement – are taking an active stand to combat and raise awareness about anthropogenic climate change. The Rev. Richard Cizik, president of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, has started an online petition calling on the Board of the National Association of Evangelicals to take leadership on climate change, and will be on the program to discuss his work and the “New Evangelicals” he works alongside.

An Urgent Word From Welton
Host Welton Gaddy explains why now, finally, is a crucial time in the long-delayed process of moving ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, closer to passage – and what you can do, today, to help ensure fairness in the workplace for our LGBT sisters and brothers.

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