On the next State of Belief Radio – The Future of Liberal Religion with historian Jill K. Gill. In a recent post at Religion Dispatches, she contends that recent reports of the death of progressive religion have been greatly exaggerated – and in fact, it’s possible that a counterculture is about to bloom. This fascinating conversation explores progressive religion and Dr. Gill, a historian, traces its origins to centuries before the New Testament.

Also, the author of a fascinating new book, Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky: Stories of Audacity and Accommodation. Dr. Nora Rose Moosnick. What are the lessons that generations of co-existence can offer to a troubled world?

And it must be book week, because Welton will also be talking with Maurice Harris, author of the new book, Moses: A Stranger Among Us. Rabbi Harris makes a compelling case that studying biblical figures as three-dimentional human beings, not the cartoonish heroes we tend to think of them as, can inform the challenging issues we face in today’s world.

That’s all coming up – this weekend on State of Belief! Click here for ways to listen.

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