On the next State of Belief Radio – the GOP Convention. We’ll look at what was said and how it was covered in the news with Religion News Service Editor-in-chief Kevin Eckstrom.

You’ll also meet Duke University Associate Professor of Theological Ethics Luke Bretherton, who’ll share some thoughts about the free-for-all that’s become the language of faith and values in political campaigns.

Plus, the continuing controversy over Todd Akin’s conception comments – and the surprising leaders who are standing with him. We’ll have a conversation with Director of the Texas Baptist Human Life Commission Suzii Paynter.

By the way, we’re heading to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte next week. Be sure to watch for our daily updates at stateofbelief.com! We’ve got some great interviews lined up, plus you’ll hear expert daily commentary from George Washington University’s Greg Lebel, who’s a veteran of several presidential campaigns.

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