With wisdom, Mr. Obama challenges us to engage breathtaking changes with enduring values. With courage, he links raging storms, gathering clouds, greed, bad decisions, threats of terrorism, and old politics to the transforming capacity found in humility, global citizenship, sacrifice, trust, service, and fidelity to the constitution. With appropriate devotion to religion, appreciation for inclusion, and insistence on compassion, our new president praises diversity, stresses equality for all people, expresses desire for friendship with all nations, and calls every individual to activist citizenship that is local, national, and global. And, remarkably, the president’s speech, like his vision of change, leaves out no one!

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  • Paul M

    I thought his speech was wonderful too, and not just for its content, but also its tone – very sober in order to make it clear that there are no quick and easy answers to our problems.

    Another thing about Obama that I personally like a lot is that I have the feeling that if he were at liberty to fully articulate his spiritual outlook, it would be very progressive.

    – Paul Maurice Martin

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