Bummed to be back at work after a long weekend? Never fear, your news is here.

  • Sarah Palin: “Who is she?  Why is she here?”  To energize evangelicals. [Associated Press; Washington Post]
  • However, not every one is fully convinced about Palin’s resume.  Who used Dan Quayle as a reference to describe Governor Palin?  The answer may surprise you. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Speaking of religious voters, which presidential candidate is urging ministers to register their congregants to vote? The answer may surprise you, but then again, maybe not. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Pro-GLBT Christians to gather in New Orleans to discuss equality issues.  [Houston Chronicle]
  • Quote of the day: “Fistfights, crashing helicopters and gun-wielding guerrillas flashed across the screen. The auditorium filled with the sounds of the jungle as Senior Pastor Rob Seagears clomped onto the stage in camouflage and combat boots, toting a rifle, canteen and machete.” [Washington Post]

Religion and politics news, now without roaming charges, brought to you by the Interfaith Alliance.

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