Time for a healthy dose of your daily news:

  • Religious Right activists in Ohio urge McCain not to choose Romney as VP. Also check out another ringing endorsement for the presumptive nominee: “McCain wouldn’t have been our person.” [Columbus Dispatch]
  • Book chronicling Barack Obama’s faith to be released later this month. Yet another development in the race for Pastor-in-Chief. [Detroit Free Press]
  • New poll out finds Obama leading among 18 of 19 different faith groups. But check out the polling methodology – not exactly conventional. [Christian Post]
  • Remember the gay marriage initiatives in 2004 that were placed on the ballot to help President Bush’s chances? It’s deja vu all over again. [New York Times]
  • Debate raging in South Carolina over Christian license plate, which begs the WWJD question (What would Jesus drive?). [The State]
  • Man posing as bishop charging cash for performing illegitimate sacraments. Police say he is armed (with the body of Christ) and dangerous (to salvation). [Dallas Morning News]

Religion and politics news, now with extra flouride, brought to you by the Interfaith Alliance.

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