Certain school districts around the country may want to keep mention of Darwin out of the classroom, but now a film about the British naturalist might not even make it to American multiplexes?  According to a recent article in The Guardian, the British film Creation about Darwin’s life has found distributors in almost every country in the world EXCEPT for America.  The reason: the film is too controversial for American audiences who remain bitterly divided over the theory of evolution.  (A recent Gallup poll concludes that less than half – only 39% – of Americans believe in evolution.)  To borrow from Ebert and Roper, we give U.S. distrubutors a thumbs down for kowtowing to the anti-evolution crowd and not picking up a film which The Hollywood Reporter has called, “even-handed and wise”.

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  • Tom Moreau

    Why is there not pressure being applied to the media to make them aware that they are participating in censoreship of free speech by refusing to discuss the issue while enthusiastically promoting the distribution of misleading and false information?

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