circleonlyHere’s what’s coming up this weekend on State of Belief Radio –

The ravages of Ebola in Africa and beyond. With congregations inside the most affected areas, the Baptist World Alliance is working to bring aid and support to victims and their families. We’ll talk with the BWA’s Eron Henry.

Also, rewriting textbooks in Texas – an effort that’s likely to reverberate in classrooms throughout the nation – puts an inaccurate emphasis on the role of Christianity in American history and, predictably, attempts to inject controversy into science materials. Idealogical agenda. We’ll hear from Dr. Emile Lester of the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund.

Meanwhile, October 16th is Spirit Day – an organized effort to stand up to anti-gay bullying in our schools. Ross Murray of GLAAD will tell us why we should all go purple this Thursday.

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