This past weekend on State of Belief, we featured civil rights legend and San Francisco NAACP head Rev. Dr. Amos Brown, exposing how the so-called Coalition of African-American Pastors is part of a careful political plan, headed by the National Organization for Marriage and its allies, years in the making, to drive a social issues wedge between Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and his most loyal support base – minority voters. And to do it using African-American church leaders.

When the President spoke out in support of marriage equality several months ago, it was as if he touched a trip wire – and in fact, he did. The trap had been set long ago.

The evidence is right there in previously confidential NOM documents, posted here in their entirety by HRC:

The strategic goal of the project is to drive a wedge between Gays and Blacks, two key Democratic constituencies. We aim to find, equip, energize and connect African-American spokespeople for marriage, to develop a media campaign around their objections to marriage as a civil right, and to provoke the Gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women and bigots.”

Others are stepping up to join Rev. Brown in making the case in other media. There are well-sourced new stories in Mother Jones Magazine, The Huffington Post, and elsewhere.

Remarks by Coalition of African-American Pastors leader Rev. Owen, whom Rev. Brown and other civil rights-era leaders denounce as an impostor, spoke last week at the National Press Club. The clips below are worth watching to get the full flavor of this unfortunate propaganda campaign:

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