As much as we regret when other radio programs beat us to the punch on great religion and culture stories, we have to give credit where credit is due and local New York NPR show host Brian Lehrer had a fascinating interview today with journalist and screenwriter Suketu Mehta. Mehta joined Brian Lehrer to talk about his contribution to the new film, “New York, I Love You,” a series of shorts about the city. Mehta wrote a vignette that stars Natalie Portman as a Hasidic woman who falls in love with a Jain man who sells gems in the Diamond District of Manhattan. And although New Yorkers might be particularly interested in the interview about their hometown, Mehta also provides  some fascinating insight into inter religious relationships. We were particularly intrigued by the part of the interview when Lehrer and Mehta talk about how a lot of the hair that is used to make wigs for Hasidic women actually comes from Hindu temples in India whose members offer their hair as sacrifices. Through the wonder that is the global village, the hair is then sold to wig makers whose customers include Hasidic women in the States. Listen to the interview to learn more.

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