Pro-choice advocate Frances Kissling has an insightful op-ed in today’s New York Times in which she discusses how the growing anti-choice wing of the Democrat party helped usher through extensive abortion restrictions as part of the House health care bill.  The Stupak Amendment is – as Frances writes – a result of the Democrats concerted effort to reach religious and values voters by recruiting anti-choice candidates to run on the Democratic ticket.   The end result: a severe limiting of reproductive rights.  Read the op-ed and then make sure to tune into State of Belief this weekend, when Frances joins Welton in conversation about the Stupak Amendment and the role the Catholic Church played in securing its passage.

Plus, activist Irshad Manji joins Welton to talk about Islam, the media and the Fort Hood shooting.  Irshad had a powerful piece in the Globe and Mail entitled, “Let’s analyze Fort Hood, not sanitize it”.

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