The town of Fort Oglethorpe Georgia is getting a lot of attention not necessarily for its high school football team but for what’s happening at their games. A minor controversy has been heating up over signs that the school’s cheerleaders usually hold up for the football players to run through, signs which feature not “Go Team” but Bible verses. The high school cheerleaders had apparently been doing this for years until a parent complained that the signs were an endorsement of Christianity by the public school. The parent was, of course, right and the school superintendent recently banned the practice, much to the dismay of the cheerleaders who held rallies and even formed a well-populated Internet group supporting the Bible banners. Everyone from USA Today to The Christian Post have written about this story and it apparently even warranted a mention on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. (Similar banners will still make an appearance at football games, just outside the stadium where they no longer give the appearance of being endorsed by the school.)

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