Turns out that God not only dabbles in politics (choosing Sarah Palin as the Republican VP candidate).  God  is also a baseball fan. Or at least, a Mark McGwire fan. Earlier this week, the former home run hitter admitted that he did in fact use steroids during his career.  An admission that surprised very few…what might come as a shock, however, is that fact that McGwire, in hindsight, doesn’t seem to think he needed them.  His secret weapon was not performance enhancers.  It was, according to McGwire, God.  The Orlando Sentinel summarizes a recent exchange between McGwire and Bob Costas:

Asked if he could have hit 70 home runs in a season and broken Roger Maris’s record without steroids, he replied, “Absolutely … I believe I was given this gift by the man upstairs.”

What do you think about McGwire’s statement? Tell us.

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  • George B

    Until I saw him palling with Keith Olberman a few days ago, I had never heard of Wilton Gaddy. Out of morbid curiosity, though, I have followed him since and have discovered him for what he is – a pathetic little man who has masquerades as a Christian minister, yet makes it his mission in life to ridicule people for professing their faith. His mockery, however, seems limited to Christians. I have yet to see him poke fun at Hindus or Buddhists, much less any Muslims who blow people up in the name of Allah. Mark McGwire, Sarah Palin, and Brit Hume are all fair game, however. Way to go – that really takes guts, little man…

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