Interfaith Alliance’s Jack Moline was on hand in Denver this week as a DNC Faith-Caucus panelist, for a panel focused towards “Common Ground on Common Good.”

The DNC Press Release on the Faith-Caucuses describes:

“National leaders from a range of denominations will host the Convention’s first-ever Faith Caucus meetings during the week where they will discuss bringing people of faith together to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

On Tuesday, August 26, the Faith Caucus will hold two panel discussions – “Common Ground on Common Good,” an opportunity to discuss finding common ground on the moral issues of the day”

In their coverage of the event, Christianity Today wrote “Rabbi Jack Moline of the Interfaith Alliance spoke on strengthening education.”

The Faith-Caucus also got attention from Faith In Public Life, which recapped:

“Each speaker touched on different aspects of the faith community’s common good, common ground agenda. They tackled high-profile compassion issues such as immigration reform and abortion reduction (from both pro-choice and pro-life perspectives) but also spoke about economic justice, criminal justice reform and education from a faith perspective.”

Interfaith Alliance’s educational efforts promote an inclusive voice for religious pluralism that respects individual rights, protects the boundaries between religion and politics, and unites diverse voices to challenge extremism and build common ground.

Our LEADD summer program, held just weeks ago in Washington, D.C., brought an interfaith group of high school students together from across America to the nation’s capital for a week of learning, activism, and exploration. Learn more about LEADD and how you can help support Interfaith Alliance’s educational programming at

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