Not the children, or the whales, the arch religious conservatives over at the Liberty Counsel want to save liberal politicians.  And how do they plan on doing this? Through prayer, of course.  A new program called Adopt-A-Liberal asks Liberty followers to choose a member of Congress or the Obama administration (or a certain mayor of New York City) and pray that they might see the light and change their minds on issues like gay marriage, abortion, or gun rights. And in case anyone is having a hard time choosing who to pray for, Liberty Counsel provides some suggestions. Barney Frank, for example, needs our prayers for being the second openly homosexual member of Congress and for his “suppressing of religious expression in public life”. Janet Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security deserves prayers because while she was governor of Arizona, twenty percent of her judicial appointments were homosexual. And don’t forget to pray for our socialist president whose many “sins” include pointing out the positive influence that Muslim Americans have had on our culture. I personally pray that this is revealed to be some kind of sick joke…and in the meantime, all I can say is that Barry Lynn over at Americans United for Separation of Church and State (who also made the list) might be slightly relieved.  These opponents are simply praying for his change of mind on policy, not his death.  

Check out the list for yourself.

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  • Ellen Shelton

    I believe this is a step forward. The conservatives are recognizing the worth and value of everyone including liberals. I hope they continue their spiritual journey to discover that God is not so narrow as to hold only the views they hold and to learn to accept people as God created them.


  • ,..] is another must read source of tips on this issue,..]

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