Rev. Gaddy with Sister Simone Campbell

Here’s what’s coming up this weekend on State of Belief Radio:

Since swords aren’t so much of a problem these days, the folks at Middle Collegiate Church are literally turning a gun into a ploughshare this weekend, marking the birthday of nonviolence champion Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis will be with us.

Also, what’s it gonna be for Congress in the New Year – partisan gridlock, or ideological logjam? We’ll ask Greg Lebel, who’s a veteran of several presidential campaigns and a professor of Political Management.

And we’ll continue our series titled “A Prophetic Vision for a New Year: Where We’re Going, How We’ll Get There,” with Sister Simone Campbell, the original “Nun on the Bus,”  (pictured with Welton at the Democratic National Convention in 2013.) With the pope on her side, who can be against her?

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