Daniel Burke of Religion News Service just released an interesting article about what he calls Atheism 3.0 or the new “New Atheists”.   Although best-selling writers like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins paint the divide between believers and non-believers as black and white, Burke says there’s actually a grey area, too.  He points to a crop of writers and thinkers who are non-believers but who also don’t think religion is all bad.  Basically, faith might not be right for them, but it’s not necessarily wrong for all of society.  Greg Epstein, an up coming guest on the program for his new book, Good Without God, tells Burke, “The work that we need to do, we atheists, humanists and non-believers, is to build a better world and not try to tear down those with whom we disagree.”  Perhaps this approach will help usher in a new type of conversation between believers and non-believers…or at least a different tone than the screaming match we have witnessed thus far between the “new Atheists” and fundamentalists.

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