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After the shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old African American in Missouri, the response of some in the community has caught many off guard. What does this tell us about the state of race in this country? Welton will talk with Pastor Mike McBride of Lifelines to Healing, part of the PICO Network, whose work includes a series of Live Free Sabbaths.

With crises flaring around the world, many say we are witnessing domestic fallout – as groups see an increase in targeting based on religion and ethnicity. The Arab American Institute has a new report out on worsening anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim attitudes, and we’ll talk to the Institute’s President, Dr. James Zogby.

And with incidents of anti-Semitism on the rise both in the US and overseas, what, if anything, can we do? Rabbi Brad Hirschfeld of Clal, the the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership will be with us to talk about that.

And Welton has some words to share about the sad passing of actor and comedian Robin Williams.

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