Hello everyone and welcome to State of Belief—the blog that is.  I welcome you to State of Belief on line with the same enthusiasm that I find in us getting together on the radio.  I hope that we can meet each other here on a regular basis to exchange ideas; reflect on breaking news; comment on the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beauty that fill our days; keep each other informed about significant stories from the campaign trail; and maintain a vigorous dialogue on the proper relationship between religion and government institutionally, faith and politics personally, and people of faith and people of no faith communally.

I have great expectations for the capacity of the State of Belief Blog to facilitate meaningful conversations between people whose diversity may be their only commonality, as we begin, but whose diversity ultimately contributes to informed civil dialogue and a strong, inter-active community.

Thanks for joining us.  We look forward to the rich exchanges of insights that will follow.

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  • Robert Park - Humanist Union of Madison

    We are a religiously pluralistic society, not a “Christian nation”. Our individual freedom of religion and belief is a vitally important right, one that we should expect every candidate for public office to acknowledge. Thank you for your your vocal support of the separation of church and state in our country.

  • Kurt Kawohl

    Transcendology (my word) is a study to ascertain if of our mind has the ability to transcend the physical realm. Have you ever wondered if the spiritual jargon that your parents and the church have indoctrinated you into is the unadulterated truth? Does our spirit really have the capability to interact with another, a spiritual dimension? Have our spiritual leaders, Abraham, Moses or Jesus really interacted with something that mankind calls God?
    Most people automatically doubt anyone’s story of seeing God. If God were ever seen, wouldn’t it have to be via our spirit?

    Divine intervention is only possible between the spirit of God and man’s spirit, or God would be violating his own laws of nature. So, who or what is God? Everyone has different opinions. In my near-death experience, the God I encountered was an immensely peaceful, loving unity that was made up of all of the souls of our righteous forbearers.

    Spirituality and theology has intrigued man since the beginning of rational thought. Many propose that religious rationality today is an oxymoron. This may be true since much of the monotheistic belief system is based on superstitions.

    I propose that religious rationality is possible if it is based on the tenet of transcendology; it asserts that truthfulness and rationality in religions are truths that can be substantiated by science or those that cannot be proven to be incorrect. It is a doctrine and proclamation that spiritual transcendence and spiritual interaction, if one believes this to be an actuality, could only be possible between the spiritual existence and the spirit of man. Supernatural acts performed by physical or spiritual beings in the physical universe are not capable of existing or transpiring.

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