Welton_Gaddy_SCOTUSWhat a great day! I am thankful for the Supreme Court’s decision on equality in marriage. It is another giant step toward fulfillment of the vision embedded in our constitution. I could not be happier for scores of people in the LGBT community, many of whom are among my dearest friends, who finally have been formally recognized by our government as people of dignity and worth whose love and commitments have deserved affirmation since the inception of this nation.

I also am grateful that the unfolding of history allowed me to be president of Interfaith Alliance during this critical time of needed change filled with more turbulence than was necessary. My successor, Rabbi Jack Moline, has continued to build on those efforts.

Only minutes after the Supreme Court’s decision was announced, I wrote to Jack along with the rest of Interfaith Alliance’s staff and board members to thank them for their contributions to the facilitation of change that helped bring us to this morning’s good news. From diverse religious and secular voices across the nation united with the tireless work and highest aspirations of members of the LGBT community came truth-bearing words and relentless actions aimed at securing justice that does not punish same-gender love or prohibit recognition of the union of the lovers. It was a great journey. It is a great victory. What a great day!

-Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, President Emeritus, Interfaith Alliance; Host, State of Belief Radio

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