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Everybody’s talking about the movie that opened at #1 last weekend: “Noah.” Fundamentalists aren’t happy with the non-biblical aspects of the story. Some secularists are wary of a surge in religion-themed films. One thing’s for sure: When the film’s writer and co-executive producer Ari Handel joins Welton on our next show, you can bet the questions aren’t going to be the same ones the Hollywood magazines have been asking!

Also, we don’t know if World Vision, the global Christian charity, hired anybody who’s in a same-gender marriage during the two days a new employment policy was in effect – before a rabid right-wing backlash (and the loss of an estimated 10,000 donors) pushed the issue right back into the closet. The events certainly demonstrated the political power of conservative Evangelicals who demanded their followers abandon the charity – and the poor children it helps. But might doesn’t always make right – as the young founder of the “Revangelical” movement, Brandan Robertson, writes in a much-quoted column on the website Red Letter Christians. Brandan will be on the show to talk about the alienating effects of the culture wars on young people of faith.

And the Moral Mondays movement, born in North Carolina, have expanded to include states like Georgia. This weekend, Welton talks to the Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Dr. Warnock was one of the faith leaders arrested at a recent Moral Monday protest, and will be on the show to talk about leading a congregation where Martin Luther King, Jr. was once pastor. It only makes sense that the struggle for justice continues to find a home in this historic congregation – and in this historic city.

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