The idea that I kept rolling over in my brain was, ‘How could I go through this much study and this much work in theology, and I don’t believe any of it. I’m an Atheist.’ -Catherine Dunphy

For religious leaders who find themselves no longer believing the faith they preach, the challenges are immense: with family, friends and often an entire congregation needing them to be one thing, how do they even begin being honest about their change in worldview? The Clergy Project offers confidential support, guidance and resources from people who have gone through the same thing themselves, says Executive Director Catherine Dunphy.

Click the “play” button above to hear the extended interview. To download this audio, click hereDownload Scroll down to read the transcript. To hear the entire June 8, 2013 State of Belief Radio program, click here.

Helping Preachers Who Are Not Believers: The Clergy Project's Catherine Dunphy Interview, State of Belief R…

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