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On Thursday, many Americans observed what President Obama proclaimed to be a “National Day of Prayer.” He was legally mandated to do so, in a practice dating back to 1952. Thousands of events took place around the country, most organized by politically-oriented, conservative-leaning Christian groups. In truth, this annual celebration is most ostracizing to Americans who do not subscribe to any faith tradition. But precisely because we do enjoy the liberties guaranteed by our Constitution, Thursday was also observed as a “National Day of Reason,” organized by a coalition of Secular, Humanist and Atheist groups, led by the American Humanist Association. AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt is an old friend of Welton’s – and a former colleague here at Interfaith Alliance – and so we’re delighted that he was able to join us this week to talk about the National Day of Reason. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

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