All week long, State of Belief is following the 2020 Republican National Convention and bringing you interviews with a wide range of activists and analysts.

The harrowing events in Kenosha, Wisconsin all too perfectly represent the level of division in our country. Even with video that everyone can plainly see, the actions by law enforcement in that city that led to an unarmed Black man, a father of three, shot and paralyzed from the waist down is somehow open to debate. As is the killing of two protesters on Tuesday night by a heavily-armed 17-year-old from Illinois who joined with a self-appointed “militia” that added to the violence in that city.

Pastor Mike McBride is Executive Director of the Live Free Campaign from Faith in Action. Host Rev. Welton Gaddy asked what the longtime activist on the front lines of racial justice and gun violence would say to both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the face of such division and danger.

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