After “The Response,” the Texas evangelical mega-event championed by Rick Perry, orgnizers vowed to register five million new, conservative Christian voters in time for the 2012 presidential election.

The lead funder of that gathering, Family Research Council, also spearheads the annual Values Voter Summit.  It’s an opportunity for GOP politicos to curry favor with FRC fans, as well as those drawn by other similar groups.   This year’s event was last weekend, and Religion Dispatches Magazine Senior Editor Sarah Posner was in attendance.  She does this every year, and so is well-positioned to observe any changes in tone or emphasis at this year’s Summit.  She agreed to re-live some of the highlights on this week’s State of Belief Radio.

We also look at the progress made by “The Other 99%” as protests continue to multiply across the country, and the message becomes more media-friendly.

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