Sapreet Kaur: Executive Director of the Sikh Coalition
Long-time ally of the Interfaith Alliance Sapreet Kaur joins our conversation this week to talk about the important work she’s doing with the Sikh Coalition. The first Sikh ever to speak in a Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service, Sapreet has helped propel the Sikh Coalition and Sikh-Americans into a prominent position in the interfaith work to end hate and religious discrimination in America.

The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis: Senior Minister at Middle Collegiate Church
The Middle Collegiate Church is an 800-member, multiracial, multicultural, welcoming and inclusive congregation in New York City. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Middle Collegiate Church has become a leading religious voice for healing the racial, economic and LGBT injustices in America today. Rev. Lewis talked not only about the traditional religious and political activities she and her congregation undertake, but also the growing role of art, song, dance and spoken word in her work for social justice.

Rabbi Jennie Rosenn: Vice President for Community Engagement
Rabbi Jennie Rosenn
, a veteran leader and strategist for social change both inside and outside the Jewish community, has recently taken on a new role helping mobilize the Jewish organization for immigrant and refugee rights, HIAS. She shared her thoughts with Welton and our panel on how religious communities can best weave the struggle for social justice into the very fabric of American religious life. Examining immigration reform and a host of other issues, she helps us see how our policy aspirations and our religious communities are truly inseparable.

Linda G. Mills, Ph.D.: Of Many Institute for Multifaith Leadership
Linda G. Mills
, Professor of Social Work, Public Policy and Law at NYU and co-founder of the OM Institute, spoke about the multifaith work she is doing with students. She explained how, through her efforts with Chelsea Clinton, bridges are crossed and communities are created as the next generation of leaders work together to facilitate a more peaceful and just society. Don’t miss her fascinating outlook on the budding world of student faith-based activism.

Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson: President of Auburn Seminary
Finally Welton heard from Rev. Dr. Katherine Rhodes Henderson, the President of Auburn Seminary, the host of the Lives of Commitment event. The author “God’s Troublemakers: How Women of Faith are Changing the World,” Rev. Henderson has a wealth of knowledge about the role of women in religious and social change. The expertise and insight she shared with Welton help to put the entire even, and all of this week’s conversations, into a broader context. Tune in for a chance to hear from one of the great progressive religious leaders of our time.


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