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This weekend on State of Belief, how did a controversial anti-Muslim video begin showing up at households in swing states? Join host Welton Gaddy as he examines the story behind the DVD Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West being distributed through local papers around the country.  Plus, a new book explores what it’s like to be young and Arab in America today.   And don’t miss our update on the presidential election…

Host Welton Gaddy is joined by political expert Greg Lebel to discuss the latest news on the campaign trail.  Greg Lebel is Assistant Professor of Political Management and Director of the Semester in Washington Program at The George Washington University.
Plus, Welton speaks with Chris Rodda of the blog Talk2Action about the video Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, showing up in local papers around the country.  Chris Rodda also serves as Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Author Moustafa Bayoumi discusses his new book How Does It Feel To Be A Problem: Being Young and Arab in America.

And meet a woman who is taking religious liberty to new heights.  Arpinder Kaur, the first female turbaned Sikh pilot, shares her story.


Religion and radio, done differently – this weekend, on State of Belief.

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