This weekend on State of Belief, in honor of Barack Obama’s recent inaugural address, we revisit Welton’s conversation with Ted Sorensen, speechwriter and close personal aide to president John F. Kennedy.  Plus, Welton shares his own thoughts on religious rhetoric in the Obama speech.  And, a look at a new work of art that puts the voices of Muslim American women on stage.

Host Welton Gaddy shares some thoughts on Barack Obama’s inaugural address.

And, producer Julie Mashack speaks with the creators of a new project called the Hijabi Monologues, a series of monologues written and performed by American Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab.  Join the Hijabi Monlogues Facebook group.

Plus, a look back at Welton’s conversation with John F. Kennedy’s speechwriter Ted Sorensen.  Ted Sorensen worked with President Kennedy for 11 years as special counsel and as a collaborator on many of Kennedy’s most memorable speeches.  He is the author of the recent memoir, Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History. This interview originally aired in June 2008.

And, is there a difference in the way President Barack Obama uses religious imagery and language and the way that George W. Bush did?  Welton weighs in with our Preaching to the Choir segment.


Religion and radio done differently – this weekend on State of Belief.

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