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This weekend on State of Belief, host Welton Gaddy speaks with NPR religion correspondent, Barbara Bradley Hagerty, about the science of spirituality. Plus, a look at President Obama’s upcoming address to the Muslim world and are the two sides of the abortion debate headed toward common ground? We find out…

Host Welton Gaddy speaks with Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, about President Obama’s speech from Cairo, Egypt on June 4th. Find out their predictions for what might be said to repair relations with the Muslim world.

Plus, Reverend Carlton Veazey from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice joins Welton to talk about the idea of “common ground” between pro-choice and anti-abortion advocates.


And, from DNA testing for a God gene to studies into the physical effects of prayer, what can science teach us about God and spiritual experience? Find out when Welton talks with award-winning NPR correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty about her new book, Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality.

Don’t miss Welton’s final thoughts on the selection of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. Do you have a question about religious freedom that you think should be posed during the confirmation hearing? Tell us! 


Religion and Radio done differently – this weekend on State of Belief.

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