This weekend on State of Belief, we head out to the ball game for a look at the growing influence of evangelical Christian ministries in professional sports. Host Welton Gaddy speaks with journalist Tom Krattenmaker about his new book, Onward Christian Atheletes: Turning Ballparks into Pulpits and Players into Preachers. Plus, a landmark decision for members of the Sikh religion who want to serve in the armed forces.


Welton speaks with Captain Kamal Singh Kalsi about his successful effort to secure a religious exemption from the U.S. Army that allows him to serve his country and keep his beard and turban. He is joined in the interview by Amardeep Singh, Program Director of the Sikh Coalition.

And don’t miss Sarah Posner, political editor for Religion Dispatches, on the role the Religious Right played in this week’s elections.


Religion and radio done differently – this weekend, on State of Belief.

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