In 2011

Tune in this weekend to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast State of Belief to hear…

…Rev. Phil Blackwell, Senior Pastor of the First United Methodist Church at the Temple in Chicago, on his Church’s participation in Faith Shared, a project of Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights first. Rev. Blackwell offers his thoughts on interfaith dialogue and answers some of the projects critics.

…Two perspectives from Religion Dispatches on the “Ark Encounter” park in Kentucky receiving support from the state.

Dr. Julie Ingersoll, Associate Professor at the University of North Florida, talks about her recent article about the state of Kentucky’s support of a Noah’s Ark themed amusement park and the implications it has for religious discrimination in hiring.

Dr. Kelly E. Hayes, Associate Professor at Indiana University, talks about the power of myth over the individual and as a source of community and how that relates to the “Ark encounter.”


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