This weekend, tune in to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast State of Belief to learn about two great photo exhibits traveling around the country promoting the act of welcoming all families in our society and houses of worship; to get a preview of an important new PBS documentary later this month; and to learn more about the Pope’s new book on Baby Jesus that’s stirring up some controversy.

We Have Faith. Love Makes a Family.
This time of year many of us seem to spend more time with family, which is why it’s especially timely that this week we meet Peggy Gillespie. Peggy is co-director of the Family Diversity Projects, which is an organization based in Amherst, Massachusetts that is working to promote welcoming all families through traveling photo exhibits and curricula. She joins Welton to talk about two projects currently making their way around the country: “We Have Faith” and “Love Makes a Family.” Click here for extended interview video, links and transcript.

“First Freedom: the Fight for Religious Liberty”
On December 18, PBS is airing a new historical documentary produced and directed by Lee Groberg, who talks about the film on State of Belief this week. That documentary – “First Freedom: the Fight for Religious Liberty” – presents the story of how religious liberty was born as a crucial cornerstone of our pluralistic society. Lee’s past work won the George Washington Medal of Honor and his credits include “America’s Choir: The Story of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir” and “American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith.” Click here for extended interview video, links and transcript.

The Infancy Narratives: Jesus of Nazareth
Just in time for Christmas, Pope Benedict XVI is out with a new book, The Infancy Narratives: Jesus of Nazareth. The new book is the third installment of a trilogy examining the life of Jesus through both historical and theological lenses. Religion News Service Vatican Correspondent Alessandro Speciale is on the show this week to talk with Welton about the controversies the book sparked, including what some have described as “debunking Christmas.” Click here for extended interview video, links and transcript.

We Need Your Questions!
We’re putting together a show for the end of the year highlighting your questions – and Welton’s answers to those questions! It’s time to get more engaged in the conversation that happens every week on the show. What questions do you have at the intersection of Religion, Government and Politics? The toll-free listener line is 1-800-856-0277.  Or email us at or contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

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