Happy New Year from all of us at State of Belief radio and Interfaith Alliance!
This weekend, tune in to State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast to take a look back at the religion headlines of the past year; to learn about the significance of this time of year in Paganism; and to get some answers from Welton.

Religion in 2012

Whether religion was creeping into public school science classrooms, or being used to divide us by political candidates, to redefine religious liberty, or to comfort us in times of national tragedy, religion made plenty of headlines in 2012. Religion News Service Editor-in-Chief Kevin Eckstrom is on State of Belief this week to take a look back at this year’s headlines. We’ll find out together what themes topped the list, how prominent faith really was on the campaign trail, and what the lasting impacts of the church lawsuits over the Obamacare contraception mandate are.

More than Just Solstice
Our producer here at State of Belief, Ray Kirstein talks with Deborah Lipp about the significance of this time of year to followers of Paganism. A Pagan author, lecturer and Wiccan High Priestess, she shares with Ray the meaning she finds in Christmas, and the somewhat surprising commonalities she sees between her own traditions and mainstream religion.

Welton Answers Your Questions
We asked and you answered. For weeks, we asked you to send us your questions for Welton, and now he’s got some answers for you. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t shy away from the tough ones, including one question with the words “useful idiot” and “Moslems.”

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