State of the Race with Greg Lebel
Even with Mitt Romney’s victory in Florida, the Republican primary is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. All four candidates are in it for the long-haul. This week, Greg Lebel, assistant professor of Political Management, joins us to recap what happened in Florida and explain what we can expect moving on to Nevada. He also looks beyond the primary to the general. Will the birth control mandate hurt Obama? Will grassroots responses to Republican state legislatures, like the recall effort in Wisconsin, be a factor this November? And what could happen that would be a game-changer in this election?

Occupy Faith DC
Since the era of Eisenhower, presidents have spoken at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. This year, however, members of the Occupy movement in DC set up their own event – the People’s Breakfast.  Ilana Alazzeh, of Occupy Faith DC, introduces us to the organization and why they organized the People’s Breakfast.

Sacred Bowl Sunday
Tebow and the Broncos may not be playing on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean there’s no praying in football. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, one of America’s “most influential Rabbis” according to Newsweek, believes Super Bowl Sunday is “America’s biggest secular religious event.” Listen in to find out why he thinks the big game is a lot like Sunday morning worship.

What on earth does “our religion” mean?
Amidst a primary campaign with no shortage of outrageous statements or cynical political pandering, our own Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy ponders what Newt Gingrich meant when he said wants respect for “our religion” this week at a campaign stop in Florida.

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