This weekend, tune in to Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, State of Belief, to learn who is surprisingly embracing Missouri Congressman Todd Akin after his controversial comments about rape, to hear a recap of what happened at the Republican National Committee Convention and to join us in a discussion of religious rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Rep. Akin’s Surprising Supporters
When Republicans called on six-term Republican Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri to drop out of his Senate race after he stirred up controversy with comments regarding rape and abortion, fellow Republican and one-time presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee embraced him. This week, Welton talks with fellow Baptist Suzii Paynter, director of the Christian Life Commission of the Texas Baptist Convention, about what happens to religion when it’s rewritten to match the words of a favored candidate. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

Religion at the GOP Convention
With the Republican National Convention now over and the Democratic National Convention about to begin, we wanted to examine the place of religion in both. While we’ll be in Charlotte for the Democratic convention next week, we weren’t able to receive credentials to be down in Tampa this past week. So to help us recap the Republican convention, Kevin Eckstrom, Religion News Service editor-in-chief, joins Welton to talk about what was said at the convention and how it was covered in the news as well as what we can expect in the week ahead. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

Religious Rhetoric on the Campaign Trail
We’re all values voters now. Or at least, it’s easy to reach that conclusion when political campaigns seem increasingly focused on appealing to constituents’ values using moral and religious terms. This week, Luke Bretherton, Duke University associate professor of Theological Ethics, is on State of Belief to share some surprising thoughts about this free-for-all that’s become the language of faith and values in political campaigns. Click here for extended interview and transcript.

Stay Tuned for the Democratic National Convention
Next week State of Belief will be in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention. Be sure to watch for daily updates at! We’ve got some great interviews lined up, plus you’ll hear expert daily commentary from George Washington University’s Greg Lebel, a veteran of several presidential campaigns and frequent guest on State of Belief.

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