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This weekend, tune in to State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, to hear about the Pope’s declaration that even atheists are redeemed by Jesus Christ, to learn about organized religion’s role in New York City’s recent anti-gay hate crimes, and to share in an Imam’s experience visiting the Nazi death camps.Download Icon

Atheists — A-OK with God?
On May 22, Pope Francis issued a provocative statement that Jesus Christ redeems all Catholics, non-Catholics, and even Atheists if they lead good lives. The Vatican, however, “clarified” Pope Francis’ statement a few days later. Kevin Eckstrom, editor-in-chief of the award-winning Religion News Service, will join Welton to discuss the theological and political implications of the Pope’s statement and the ensuing retraction. Who should we believe – the Pope or the Vatican? Did the Church get more than it bargained for when it selected a pope far outside of its traditional pool of European cardinals? Are we looking at a rogue papacy? Join us to hear the answers to these questions, and more! CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT

Hatred and Violence in the Big Apple
Since the beginning of the year, anti-gay hate crimes in the famously accepting and diverse City of New York have almost doubled compared to last year – including the cold-blooded slaying of a 32-year-old gay man, and attacks in broad daylight. What’s going on? Has organized religion played a role in helping to create the atmosphere that breeds this kind of hate? What role does organized religion play in ending this violent cycle? Joining Welton on State of Belief this week is Elder Joseph Tolton, pastor of Rehoboth Temple Christ Conscious Church in New York City. A long-time leader in New York City’s LGBT community, Pastor Tolton offers credible explanations for what’s going on in the Big Apple and what’s being done to stop it. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT

Imams Visit Auschwitz
This past week, a group of Muslim leaders from around the globe traveled together to the sites of Nazi death camps, prayed for Holocaust victims and met with survivors. The Muslim leaders also issued an unambiguous condemnation of anti-Semitism. Dr. Ahmet Muharrem Atlig, who previously served as an Imam in Houston and London, and is currently Secretary General of the Journalists & Writers Foundation Platform for Intercultural Dialogue, joins Welton from his home in Istanbul, Turkey, to talk about this trip and what it meant to him.

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