This weekend on State of Belief Radio, highlights of some past shows that are as relevant and timely today as when they first aired. You’ll hear a leading Rabbi’s thoughts on the need for expanded access to medical care; a researcher’s findings on the wholesale redefinition of the term “religious liberty” in this country; and an example of how widespread the global impact of one pope can be. Download Icon

21 Hours? Try 4 Years!
Our national conversation about the urgent need to reform our health care system got going in earnest when President Barack Obama made it a centerpiece of his September 2009 joint speech to Congress. As opposed to Sen. Ted Cruz’s extended remarks on the Senate floor this week, the national conversation about the President’s initiative has continued non-stop for the past four years.

With implementation of the Affordable Care Act scheduled for October 1st, we revisit an interview with Rabbi Irwin Kula, President of Clal, the The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, that first aired after the 2009 speech, underscoring how much of the rhetoric has remained unchanged despite all the intervening discussion and debate.

“Religious Liberty:” For Me, But Not For Thee?
There’s a growing number of lawsuits that claim to defend religious liberty in this country. Under further examination, however, a large percentage of them actually serve primarily to protect bigotry, bias and even discrimination under the cover of religious convictions.

This fundamental redefinition of religious liberty is no accident, according to a comprehensive report published earlier this year by Political Research Associates titled  “Redefining Religious Liberty: The Covert Campaign Against Civil Rights.” It outlines the history and the motivations behind this effort, and we’ll revisit a conversation with the author, Jay Michaelson, on this week’s show. CLICK HERE FOR EXTENDED INTERVIEW VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT

What A Difference A Pope Can Make
In the few short months that Pope Francis has been the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, he has sent numerous signals that many have interpreted as portending significant change in the course of that Church. Many others insist it’s all business as usual.

What is inarguably true is that earthshaking revolutionary change in the Church has come from the top before. And last year, Welton Gaddy spoke to the author of a biography of Pope John XXIII, who convened the Second Vatican Council, Greg Tobin.

The book is titled  “The Good Pope: The Making of a Saint and the Remaking of the Church.” With so much discussion of the current pope’s potential for instigating fundamental change – and Greg Tobin’s book set to be released in paperback on Tuesday – this seemed like the perfect time to revisit this conversation.

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