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State of Belief host Rev. Welton Gaddy is away with a State Department delegation, discussing religious freedom in Sri Lanka. We’ll hear all about his trip on an upcoming show, but this week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, Huffington Post Executive Religion Editor Paul Raushenbush will guest-host. Paul will sit down with Sister Simone Campbell on the Vatican’s abruptly ended investigation of American nuns, and speak with Rabbi Jay Michaelson on the hidden agenda behind far-right evangelical designs on the Jewish community. And we’ll get to meet a few other members of Paul’s team at HuffPost Religion as they discuss their new Muslim in America series. Download Icon

Having Nun of This Investigation
In 2008, the Vatican announced that it was investigating the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an American organization of nuns, for diverging from Catholic doctrine and even entertaining “feminist thought.” But last week, the Vatican – rather abruptly – called it off. This week we’ll be joined by Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK, and one of America’s leading social justice activists. She’ll walk us through what the Church’s decision means, how it affects her work and her hope for the future of change within the Catholic Church.

Muslim in America: A Huffington Post Religion Project
Next Paul brings on two of the journalists who help him provide the excellent coverage at HuffPost Religion: senior religion reporter Jaweed Kaleem, and associate editor Antonia Blumberg. They’ll discuss their new project called Muslim in America, an interactive, multimedia series on the experiences of this growing and dynamic segment America. Tune in to hear their goals and objectives for the project, as well as some of the challenges they face in covering religion responsibly and accessibly. And be sure to check it out at:

Jay Michaelson: “Don’t Be Shocked by Jewish Honor for Anti-Gay Pastor Charles Stanley.”
As the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case about marriage equality, recent polling shows that 77 percent of Jewish Americans support same-sex marriage. Despite this, a major Jewish organization recently announced plans to give an award to Charles Stanley, a vehemently anti-gay but staunchly pro-Israel pastor. Jay Michaelson will speak with Paul this week about why focusing on the homophobia of Stanley and his end-time evangelical ilk risks missing an even bigger problem.

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