You may have survived Thanksgiving dinner without discussing politics with family and friends, but with the holiday season upon us, you may not come away unscathed in the days ahead. This week on State of Belief, Rev. Gaddy will discuss the most divisive issues that may come up: a Donald Trump presidency, LGBT rights, and reproductive choice. Rev. Gaddy will welcome Professor Greg Lebel from George Washington University to discuss his thoughts on Trump’s conduct and campaign. We will hear from Peter Montgomery of People for the American Way on the victories this past year for the LGBT community – and the inevitable backlash. And Rev. Amanda Henderson from Interfaith Alliance of Colorado will discuss how to bridge an ideological divide in communities following an even such as the shootings at Planned Parenthood. Download Icon

“Donald Trump for President” …. No, Really.
A few weeks ago, saying “Donald Trump for President” was kinda funny. Now, it is time for a wake up call. Greg Lebel, assistant professor of Political Management at George Washington University, will be with us to discuss the evolution of Donald Trump’s candidacy. Have all the rules really gone out the window? How are voters OK with Donald Trump’s blatant attack on different groups? How is this “new normal” affecting choices the other candidates are making? And what does a longtime campaign operative like Greg think a Donald Trump presidency would actually look like, how the political system could handle such a turn from political normalcy, and, simply put, what will happen next in the elections.

A Year of LGBT Victories and Backlash
It was only this past session that the US Supreme Court legalized marriage equality for all, and as the year comes to a close we will explore the progress we’ve made this year in LGBT rights. To help unpack these advancements, Peter Montgomery, Senior Fellow at People for the American Way, returns to State of Belief to discuss the developments that he’s seen take place this year, as well as his worries about conservative backlash and far-right extremists advancing bigotry.

Bridging an Ideological Divide
In the wake of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado, there was sadness and grief, as well as widespread arguments about placing blame. Is abortion making us indifferent to all human life? Is gun control the answer? And then there are the conflicts over Planned Parenthood – amplified at the highest levels of our government – which personally impact individuals by polarizing friends, neighbors, sisters, and brothers. Welton will talk with the Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, regarding abortion rhetoric in the United States. They will discuss the most important issue: how to bridge the ideological divide within communities.

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