Last weekend, an imam and his aide were brutally murdered in broad daylight in Queens while walking home from their mosque. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, we will explore the impact on those who knew the victims, and the broader Muslim community.

Our host Rev. Welton Gaddy will be joined by Kobir Chowdhury, president of the nearby Masjid Al-Aman mosque in Brooklyn, to discuss the slain imam and learn more about his work in the largely Bangladeshi community. Chowdhury will also speak to the impact of heated political rhetoric on American Muslims and his mosque is working to overcome fear and bigotry.

Welton will also discuss the New Baptist Covenant, a bold initiative for faith-based racial reconciliation. Former president Jimmy Carter announced the effort in 2007 and has been actively working to expand its reach in the wake of recent racial strife. We’ll hear from pastors from two prominent Atlanta congregations — Rev. Trey Lyons from Park Ave Baptist Church and Rev. Michael Wortham from Ebenezer Baptist Church — about their involvement in this deeply inspiring work.

Finally, Welton will speak with Frederick Clarkson, senior fellow at Political Research Associates, about Donald Trump and Dominionism. Earlier this month, Trump spoke at a Florida gathering organized by an anti-LGBT, far-right dominionist group called the American Renewal Project. We will hear from Clarkson about the vent’s shadowy organizers and disturbing agenda for America.

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