This weekend on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we look at campaign politics and a groundbreaking faith-based declaration. Out host, Re. Welton Gaddy, will sit down with Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, to discuss a comprehensive initiative to protect religious minorities. We’ll hear from Auburn Theological Seminary president Katharine Henderson and Senior Vice President for Public Engagement Paul Raushenbush about ways to connect and inspire in the 21st Century. And finally, Greg Lebel of George Washington University joins us to break down the results of the Iowa caucuses.

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Addressing the Mistreatment of Minorities
Last month, over 250 Muslim faith and government leaders gathered in Morocco to discuss how religious minorities are treated in Muslim countries. Religious, political, and scholarly leaders joined to produce the Marrakesh Declaration. Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society and a longtime activist for interreligious cooperation, was in attendance. We’ll hear his firsthand impressions of the process as well as the promise of this groundbreaking declaration. We’ll also address President Obama’s first visit to a mosque this past week.

The unavoidable truth: Religion and Politics
Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City has long been a great booster of State of Belief Radio – and we love to feature innovative Auburn initiatives on the air. Joining us are Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson and Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush. Rev. Henderson is President of Auburn Seminary, and Rev. Raushenbush has recently joined Auburn in the role of Senior Vice President for Public Engagement. What’s the role for Auburn and its allies in a historically uncivil electoral season? And how do we keep a progressive moral agenda in front of our fellow Americans? It’s a certainty that the answers will be compelling and inspiring.

The Caucus Games Have Only Just Begun
The Iowa caucus is over! Except, something smells fishy. Greg Lebel will join us on State of Belief to talk about what it all means. Greg is Assistant Professor of Political Management at George Washington University, and has worked inside presidential campaigns. He’s long been our go-to expert on electoral politics, and he and Welton will chat about the Iowa caucus results and and the implications for what’s next in the presidential race.

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