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The world lost a true original this week with the passing of Muhammad Ali, who once said he’d like to be the “Muslim Billy Graham.” This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, our host Rev. Welton Gaddy speaks with Yahya Hendi, the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University, about the holy month of Ramadan. Rev. Jacqueline Bussie talks about her new book and how to connect with faith by coloring outside the lines. Finally, Welton chats with Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance, about the surge in white supremacist rhetoric online and the intersection of technology and anti-Semitism.

Ramadan Is About So Much More Than Fasting
As Muslim religious practices become more visible in mainstream media, Welton talks to Georgetown’s Muslim chaplain, Yahya Hendi, about what Ramadan is, what it means to Muslims, and what kind of personal impact the traditions and practices of the holiday can have. We’ll learn about key teachings of Islam that everyone could benefit from knowing and how observing Ramadan helps the faithful persevere in today’s tumultuous political climate.

Wanted: Outlaw Christian. Reward: Finding Authentic Faith
This week we hear how breaking the ‘rules’ of Christianity can actually lead to feeling more personally connected to faith. Author Rev. Jacqueline Bussie talks with Welton about her new book, which rules you should break and how her understanding of her own faith has changed over time. In a time when it seems like many Americans are turning away from religion, Rev. Bussie will help us explore what it means to explore faith in a way that feels more relevant and individual.

Fighting Anti-Semitism in the Modern Age
With the surge in hate-filled rhetoric associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has come a resurgence of anti-Semitism in the public sphere. Rabbi Jack Moline, the executive director of Interfaith Alliance, puts it all in context and helps us understand what these developments mean for Jews and Americans in general. Finally, he reminds us of our power to fight hate and talks about the important work happening at the Interfaith Alliance.

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