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Warm greetings to everyone celebrating Easter or observing Passover.  We truly hope that our friends and supporters are healthy, safe, and staying home as much as possible. As the loss of life from the pandemic mounts, we hold close to us the folks out there coping with grief. And we will continue to stand together as we learn to heal from this crisis.

This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we will once again hear excerpts from Interfaith Alliance’s Facebook Live series Stay Home, Stay Focused, hosted by Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance. Much like State of Belief, the series is focused on issues of justice, resilience, and religious freedom, featuring many of your favorite guests.

In watching the often-incomprehensible press conferences hosted by the Trump administration, it’s hard to remember what it was like to have normal briefings. Mike McCurry, former White House Press Secretary and Director of the Center for Public Theology at Wesleyan University, joined Rabbi Jack Moline to discuss his perspective on the state of our nation.

This past Monday, Jack spoke with scholar and author Katherine Stewart, author of the important new book, The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism. In one of the most riveting discussions thus far on Stay Home, Stay Focused, Stewart expertly explains ongoing and relevant issues related to our work countering the Religious Right — particularly in times of crisis.

It can be difficult these days to imagine a scenario where coalition building and radical empathy are initiated by communities to unite against hate. But we are so grateful that there are people out there doing just that. Andrew Hanauer, founder of the One America Movement, joined Jack to tell us about what it takes to bring communities together in times such as these.

The series continues weekdays at 12:15 Eastern Time at the Interfaith Alliance Facebook page. All past interview videos are archived on our Youtube page.

In this time of social isolation, do you know someone who would benefit from hearing the thoughtful, inclusive conversations we offer? Please share State of Belief with them!

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