For those of us who lived through the US government’s “justification” of the Iraq War in the aftermath of 9/11, this week felt like deja vu, filled with simplistic black-and-white arguments to justify the extrajudicial assassination of a sovereign nation’s second-in-command; and to beat the drums of war, yet again, in the Middle East. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we will take a more nuanced look at the international crisis we’ve created; discuss rescue efforts for Religious Freedom Day on January 16th; and get an update on the work of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action.

    The Rt. Rev. John Bryson Chane was the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, D.C. when he was called to interfaith cooperation with counterparts in Iran – a country with which our government had almost no contact at the time.  Since then, Bishop Chane has worked alongside diplomats and faith leaders for peace and mutual understanding around the world. Host Rev. Welton Gaddy will share an extended conversation with the bishop at this critical time for US-Iran relations.

    Religious Freedom Day is January 16th, and since its establishment the observance has been a target for the political religious right in its tireless efforts to redefine “religious freedom.” Welton will be joined by Political Research Associates Senior Researcher Fred Clarkson for an update on what multifaith activists have been up to in reclaiming  this precious language – and principle – on behalf of all Americans.

    And finally this week, Welton will sit down once again with Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, National Organizer and Spokesperson of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, to talk about growth that the movement has seen and inroads they are making to educate young people on the issue. We look forward to ending the show this week on a hopeful note, with ways that you can learn more about positive change happening in our communities.

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