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At a difficult time in our nation’s life, it’s important to take stock of progress when we see it–because the green shoots of equality, justice and understanding are all around us. This week on State of Belief, the weekly radio program and podcast from Interfaith Alliance, host Rev. Welton Gaddy will talk with leaders in a range of fields about how they’re building communities of respect across difference.

Last week a small church in Georgia made national headlines after the Southern Baptist Convention formally voted to eject the church for welcoming LGBTQ+ people to its congregation. On our show this week, Towneview Baptist Church Pastor Jim Conrad will join Welton to talk about the long and sometimes difficult process of becoming a church that welcomes all people.

Next, Welton will welcome Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall to discuss how he’s bucking a tough trend in the media landscape to create a news organization focused on thoughtful coverage of religion and faith. He’ll share his thoughts on how quality journalism can enrich our civic life and allow believers and nonbelievers alike to understand their communities in new and important ways.

Welton will welcome Becky Monroe of the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights to talk about an important new piece of legislation being considered by Congress, the No Hate Act. The law, which is supported by a wide range of advocacy groups and religious voices, would create a more informed approach to hate crime in this country. Becky will talk about how activists are pushing for laws to keep all people safe–and the obstacles they face along the way.

Finally, Welton shares some thoughts about the torrent of attacks on Transgender young people flooding state legislatures across our nation, inevitably bolstered by religious-sounding rhetoric.

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